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"I initially contacted Sarah when I was struggling to cope with an ongoing family situation. My mental health wasn’t in a good place and I was experiencing difficultly sleeping. Sarah exercises such professionalism, warmth and empathy in her practice. She provided a safe and trusted space where I felt completely at ease. With Sarah’s guidance and support I was able to navigate my way through challenging situations as they presented themselves. I recognised certain patterns in my behaviour that enabled me to make positive changes.  It’s been a truly life altering experience. I’m now looking forward to what the future holds with optimism! Not only has my mental health improved, my physical health has too! Thank-you Sarah for enabling me to re-capture happiness!"
Mrs S

"After some helpful sessions a few years ago to reduce my anxieties, I asked to return again when my Mum passed away suddenly. Sarah remembered me and once again, was so very caring, understanding and an essential source of support. My loss hit me very hard but my sessions have helped me to work through my grieving process."
Ms R

"I am grateful for your kind and empathetic presence. I have felt supported, valued and genuinely listened to. You have helped me to believe in myself. Thank you."
Ms H

"I was nervous at first about having counselling remotely, but Sarah talked me through my options, the things to be considered and once I found a quiet spot in the house where I wouldn't be disturbed, it went fine. I could see Sarah clearly and when we had materials to look at, she emailed them across to me. I'm so glad I went ahead with it all, especially during lockdown. It got me through a horrible tense time."
Ms D

"My anxiety over some health problems have been consuming me for a while and made a lot worse by Covid-19. Understanding the origins of the worries and the vicious cycle of anxiety, helped me get it back under control. Thanks Sarah."
Mr P

"Having never embarked in the counselling process ever before, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, how or if it would make any difference. But after talking with Sarah about how I was feeling and what I really wanted, we agreed a way forward and after a few weeks, I realised the sessions were all about me, my experiences and how I could get to where I wanted to be. The work has helped me tremendously and I feel content with life again."
Mrs B

"We worked together as a team to beat my anxieties and irrational fears. Thanks Sarah."
Mr E

"My mind feels a lot quieter now and I have the tools to stop beating myself up emotionally."
Ms W

"Five stars to Sarah Oak Therapy - I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services. From the time of my initial consultation and throughout our time working together, her expertise, kindness and compassion shone through. By listening without passing judgement, she made me feel relaxed in her company and quickly earned my trust, giving me the safe space that I needed to explore the issues that I was having and also to delve into some deeper rooted problems. She has provided me with an extensive toolkit of resources to allow me to move towards the future with an increased understanding of my own self and also given me a different outlook on how to deal with any problems and issues that may arise. I can safely say that while working with Sarah, my levels of confidence, self-awareness and self-acceptance have come on in leaps and bounds and I can’t express my gratitude enough. A true credit to the counselling profession - thank you."
Ms C

"Going to university was an enormous change for me, I was overwhelmed by it all. Sarah let me talk about my worries and we practiced some mindfulness techniques together that I've continued to use on my own. My sessions have helped me so much with my stress and facing my final exams was better than I had previously feared. I PASSED!! Thanks Sarah."
Ms M

"Totally worth it. Tools I can use in life and I can go back to Sarah anytime again in the future if I need to."
Ms A

"Antidepressants alone hadn't worked for me, so I started therapy for my depression and I'm a lot better now. I've found ways to take care of myself and my wellbeing, that are easy to do and I've agreed a plan to reduce my medication with my GP. I might experience another episode of depression again one day, but next time I'll be better equipped for what to expect and how to cope. Thanks for all your help Sarah, you've been a great support."
Mr I

"They say a problem shared is a problem halved and that is very true. I don't know why I felt so nervous about it beforehand, it was simple - I talked and you listened. There was no persuasion or telling me what to do, I needed time and space to stop juggling, work out what I really wanted and how I could get there, and now I have. A great outcome, thanks."
Mrs F

"Sarah has been nothing but fantastic, during a period where I felt like I'd lost my way. She is incredibly friendly, easy to talk to and supportive and guided me to come to my own realisations with ease. I would thoroughly recommend her."
Ms N

"My counselling got me through the toughest time of my life. Thank you, I'll always be grateful."
Mrs W

"I feel it helped and it certainly worked. I'm now an advocate of counselling."
Mr J

"Meeting Sarah and having therapy has eased my anxiety so much. I should have done it much sooner."
Mrs E

"I'd not tried counselling before and was apprehensive about starting, but talking to Sarah felt safe and easy. After just a few sessions I felt calmer, like a weight was lifted and that encouraged me to keep going. My head space is much better and much less cluttered and that's made a huge difference."
Ms K

"I felt so out of control in so many areas of my life that I'd started to avoid people, places and all kinds of situations. But working through my stressors, my anxious thoughts and thinking about things in a more realistic way, has helped me accept that I can't control everything. I'm happier now, much less stressed and dealing with things as they happen instead of assuming something bad is always around the corner. I'm grateful to Sarah for her kind, caring and ever respectful manner."
Ms T

"A good and worthwhile experience, thank you."
Mrs L

"Prior to my experience with Sarah, I believed the purpose of a Counsellor or Therapist was meant for those individuals whom struggled to function; meant only for those whose daily tasks felt unmanageable and for those suffering the greatest pains. As such, despite owning my personal demons for many years, and in light of my face-value ability to function, I often steered clear of my urge to seek 'professional assistance'. I realise now how foolish I was to hold this belief. 

It took a significant event - one which opened up old wounds and caused me to live old pains - to take me past my tipping point and begin my journey with Sarah. A little timid and unsure of what to expect, Sarah's professionalism and experience shone through during our initial meeting, and with each further meeting, Sarah continued to create a welcoming, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere which enabled organic conversation.

Working with Sarah offered a safe platform to explore 'the self' and understand my thinking. Sarah and I managed to cover a great deal in only a few sessions and together we quickly ascertained the 'issues' which underpinned my emotional state. I was committed to uncovering my demons and took to researching, reading and analysing old texts; with Sarah's steer, I believe my understanding and awareness rapidly grew, and with that, my negative feelings subsided. 

Thank you, Sarah, for your time and patience with me. You come highly recommended."
Mr C

"I still miss my loved one who passed away, but having counselling has helped me cope with my grief."
Mr F

"I highly recommend Sarah Oak! I was absolutely terrified to go into therapy and avoided it for a long time. It wasn't until I came across Sarah's profile that I gave it a shot. Ever since the very first session, I felt incredibly comfortable with Sarah. She has a wonderful friendly approach as well as keeping things professional which was the right balance to ease my mind. Without even realising, I found myself becoming more confident and believing in myself throughout the sessions. I'm so glad I took the leap to start therapy and I'm proud to say I'll definitely be going back if I ever need further help."
Ms P

"I had been feeling very low for some time and had considered therapy a few times but never felt brave enough to make that first step. After reviewing some therapists profiles online I came across Sarah’s and felt that she was the right person for me to contact. After my initial email enquiry, Sarah responded very quickly and I met her the following week. I was very nervous as I’d never been for counselling before and also worried that my ‘problems’ didn’t really warrant it but after our first session I felt sure that this was something that could help me find a way forward. Over our weekly sessions Sarah would connect all the pieces together in a caring, non judgemental way, offering methods to work through my thoughts and feelings. Sarah is professional, friendly, approachable and felt like a true friend, please do not hesitate to contact her if you feel like she could help you too."
Ms R

"Thank you for your compassion, patience, support and your gentle manner Sarah. Our sessions together have been so very helpful and I've turned the corner I thought was not possible for such a long time. Sincerely, thanks."
Mr B

"Thanks so much for all your help Sarah. You've made a massive difference."
Mrs D

"I was suffering with anxiety when I decided to see Sarah, from the first session she made me feel comfortable and at ease talking about my issues. With Sarah's support I have worked through the cause of my anxiety and have tools to use in the future. Her warm, encouraging style made me feel really positive about my decisions and gave me the courage I needed to tackle everything. I was surprised how quickly I felt better, with her support and the time and space to think things through without judgement. I finally have a quiet mind and I can't thank her enough. I would highly recommend her."
Ms S

"I felt so mixed up, anxious and inferior to others before I started counselling. Now I can cope better and my self esteem has improved. I'm not less important, I'm a good person and my opinions count."
Mr C

"I started off venting and off loading to Sarah. It was good to get things off my chest and be listened to. But as time went on, we explored my issues and it was useful to understand why I felt angry and frustrated by things. That's when the changes happened. I feel much happier now."
Ms N

"Sarah is a very warm and caring Counsellor, and I instantly felt like I was able to open up to her about my troubles. She put into place methods to overcome my anxiety and enabled me to express my thoughts and feelings without feeling judged. I would definitely recommend arranging a consultation with Sarah if at any stage of your life you feel you need a kind, approachable person to talk to. Thank you so much for all you have helped me to achieve."
Ms O

"Having counselling was the best decision I ever made."
Mrs V

"I knew something needed to change but I wasn't sue what the problem was. Through my therapy I realised I had trust issues that went back to years ago and didn't feel I could rely on anyone. Working with Sarah has increased my self esteem and my ability to trust others."
Ms H

"For a long time I'd been feeling angry. I was scared that this was damaging me and my family. Counselling has helped more than I thought possible. I feel better, happier and my anger has completely gone. My life, and that of my family has gained so much."
Mrs P

"With support from Sarah I've made real progress around my addiction and feel I have control over my decisions again. Thank you."
Mr K

"Thanks to Sarah, my life is on track and I am in a better place now."
Mr M

"Sarah is a kind, gentle and professional Counsellor. She has patience and empathy in abundance. I thoroughly enjoyed working through the complex tangle of difficult emotions I had. Not only did I have the much needed sounding board, but Sarah also had some practical tips to apply when things became overwhelming. After all of my sessions, some easier than others, I was able to feel confident and positive that I could go it on my own again. I would totally recommend Sarah. The hard work you put in really can make a difference to anyones life."
Ms W

"By having the help from Sarah each week I've been able to gain the confidence to move forward in life through some difficult times. Sarah has helped me to develop different coping mechanisms to overcome current and past issues. And I'm grateful to her"
Ms G

"I feel much calmer now. I got rid of my inner demons and I'm not angry anymore."
Mr J

"When I started, I was at zero. Now I'm much better at ten. I feel much more confident. I've felt listened to, Sarah remembers things I've said and I’ve been able to speak about my problems. I hadn't planned to share these but I've been able to tell Sarah and she helped me. It's made my life better."
Mr A

"Extremely helpful. Therapy has helped me let go of a lot of issues and understand my personality traits. It's given me the skills to cope with difficulties in my life."
Mr S

"Sarah allowed me to lead the sessions at my own pace. She made no judgemental comments and helped me find the right words by allowing me time to think carefully about what I wanted to say. She could see that I wanted to be accurate when describing my thoughts and she gave me space to do this. I felt very comfortable and accepted which meant I was able to stick with my dilemma and not avoid it. Even though I was facing a scary scenario, I felt held and safe."
Mrs D

"Sarah is a credit to the counselling profession. She works at the clients pace and with great kindness."
Mrs J

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Integrative Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

BACP Accredited & NCPS Senior Accredited

Specialising in supporting women to navigate through challenging life changes & transitions. Primarily working remotely by zoom online video and telephone calls, with some limited face to face availability, located in Milton Keynes.

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